Saturday, January 29, 2011

Congratulations Google you obviously are gettin her done!

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As per Head Line News announcing that Google is adding 6000 jobs!

I have to give them a shout out!

1.) Adding Team members to handle an increase in sales volume!

2.) Increasing your under roof capacity to handle a larger staff.

3.) Increasing your presence on the Highways.

4.) An increase in the visible projects you have under way on the site.

5.) Having the abili to add to your products and services offered.

There are a few more but you don't have to know the bank account balance of the Company to have the sense to see that they are taking a calculated risk and if they take that calculated risk I know what it like to have it be somewhat stressfull to be that person that made that decision even if it was a team effort to make that decision but it is a helluva lot better than NOT deciding to make that decision because you wind up stagnating and that my friends is visible as well to the public.

Advertising shows your intent to be in the market and it should be consistant and increased as you can handle the added expense or as a calculated risk but in any case it presents your intent to be a player in the market- whatever that market maybe!

Again congratulations Google and I would shout the reason you are making that decision but I don't have the money to fill a damn prescription that helps me remeber more than the basics of what I just read, listened to or watched on my Television.

What that tells you is that I have made some calculated decisions that I wish had been able to take effect before I lost my cash flow which a damn natural disaster sure helped cut the cash flow to the tune of a conservative figure of hell I forget the exact numbers without going back and looking them up but it was in the range of a 1/2 million dollars when compared to the previous years quarters gross receipts.

The Hell of it was that my "company" had at least 15% more in contracts underway not counting the additional 10 to 15 projects that I had increased my prices on prior to the sale to t the un-Godly increases in material and eventually the labor costs that were associated with  disaster that was the 1st ten years of this Century only to lose the Capital resources to even pay an attorney that had my nay-sayers on their heels!

I got conservative and lost my Ass!

Definition: I waited too long to borrow the capital after the Damn natural disaster to overcome the legal and financial result of having some people think I was just a drug addict ad not allowing me toseek treatment for ADHD or at least you would think somdy in my circle would hav been so busy trying to survive they would have hande a brochure on ADHD!

The other bad desion I made was not borrowing the capital to fight the greed that comes into play in certain situations that makes people look out for themselves so now I'm just a man with some knowledge but not enough yet!

The "my company" statement was a sarcastic one based on a court action that stated I had formed my Company to in rich myself personally!

That was easy to win!

Hell I guess so since I lost everything except my mind and I almost lost it but worse I sit here after losing my wife and the time with my children before they were grown to save the "Goose" that laid the golden egg so it could lay some more eggs and help me save my world and everyone else's that I cared about!

I used to get a hundred phone calls a day now that I have no money I get "1".

I feel like the father of the goose left in an empty nest!

God help me please get another Goose so I can play the game of life before I run out of time!

The Hell with the economy stupid it will be just fine with President Obama and
a few of us conservative democrats that just love women!

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

-Floyd C. Wooley
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