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I am a 49 year-old divorced father of three adult children with six grand-children and one on the way!
I have a York-Shire Terrier. Her name is Boo Boo actually Annabelle but I forgot her name as a puppy and at the time I was a home-builder and just started calling her "Boo Boo"! LOL!

Well my Daughter was Boo for some reason I forget now so Boo Boo for Annabelle worked out about right except now when my daughter isn't around I call Boo Boo "Allie" sometimes so that just makes me think I'm more insane!
I Love to work- the water, boats, football, basketball and I used to Jog but I don't now!

I'd rather not go into the reasons that I don't jog cause it hurts too bad!

I Love the Alabama Crimson Tide and The University of South Alabama. I love them damn Jaguars out at South Alabama! I have every since my dad took me to see them play basketball in a sold out Mobile Civic Center with Cliff Ellis as Coach! 10,000 Screaming Jaguar Fans!

Paul William "The Bear" Bryant will always be my hero although I love how Coach Saban works his Ass off to win for The University of Alabama!

My Basketball Hero's? Cliff Ellis and Bobby Knight as Coach's and Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and damn-it although I think he is misunderstood Dennis Rodman!
I was born on April 14,1966 so if you don't mind me saying so "I kinda feel out of place in the 21st Century!

That's a hell of a note cause in the 70's and 80's I thought this damn Century would be great!

Now my favorite movies are Dancing with Wolves and Legend's of the Fall.

I still like Science Fiction but my dreams of men walking on Mars in my life-time while I am still coherent enough to enjoy are fading fast to be perfectly honest! That's was supposed to be an off-hand Joke that's why Anthony Bourdain and George Carlin!

I like Gene Simmons too but didn't his Sweet-Heart stay with him?

I admire the hell out of Ty Pennington but for Christ Sakes I am NOT ADHD!

Okay I am ADHD and so far it sure as hell hasn't been a gift more like a curse.
I have a retail store in Fairhope, Alabama called Battleship Marine and if you get a chance stop by and see me and Annabelle "Boo Boo" Wooley.

I was married 20 plus years to a wonderful woman and one before that too but we'll leave that alone too so maybe the third woman in my life will be the charm!

I think I am NOW an extinct Old-Fashioned Democrat because I'm fiscally conservative proud of my Southern Non-Slave holding Heritage and slightly on the Liberal Side Socially!

I feel we should have the biggest damn military on the Planet and NOT use it- just sail the Seven Sea's with it and have the Best Damn Space Program on the Planet!

That's only one of the Reason's John F. Kennedy is my hero!

Franklin Rosevelt is another hero of mine as is Winston Churchill not to leave out Margaret Thatcher! I remember the "Faulk-Land's" war Yall- those English when stirred up can whip anybody even if they have to commandeer the Queen Mary!

My Political Hero's start with Bill Clinton and John McCain both of them are number one in my book!

I love other stuff too besides sports!
Thank you!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

I thought I would also post this...

  • I am not and never will be affiliated with any religion or denomination on this Planet. When I die I only hope there is a God and hopefully his Son Jesus waiting for me. In fact I hope it's Jesus since his daddy had him murdered- I just don't buy that do you really? Couldn't all of us miserable human beings be saved some other way my friend's? I don't appreciate that story of Jesus being sent here to be forced by his father to die for us then go back to Heaven after he asked his daddy NOT to let him be murdered and was told "tuff luck" Son. I just don't buy it my friend's. Peace and Love! 

  • P.S.- Although most likely considered an infidel by most that would have read this - my favorite person in the damn Bible is Solomon! Always has been- always will be my friend's. At least you know for sure he was a man that loved and respected women- bottom-line. I personally think after what Solomon endured on this miserable planet that he is happy to be dead and either in Heaven with the Angel's or Dead just laying there Dead and in the ground peaceful somewhere. Unfortunately when I die I most likely won't get to come back from the dead or Heaven to tell you about it so I will see you when you get there my friend's! Again, Peace and Love!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Journal Entry 072118-A: The Mandatory American Youth Military Civic and Educational Program!


In my opinion every individual in the United States of America that Graduates from High School or reaches the age of 18 and is not imprisoned for a Felony where the individual has committed a violent crime should be Mantorily Required to Serve their Country and in return receive during a condensed and fast tracked 31 month program detailed below with Income and!

1.  Career Counseling.

2.  16 Weeks of Basic Military Training.

3.   6 Months of Basic Training in the job determined during a battery of tests given over a 30 day period to begin the program by both the individual and a counselor that best fits the individual's abilities and their personality traits. The battery of tests would of include psychological testing to determine any previously unknown conditions that may or may not need special attention medically and/or therapeutically.

The individual would retain the right to accept or refuse treatment for a to be determined list of conditions.

Individual's with physical disabilities would have the same rights of course but would also be required to participate in the program based again on the individual's personal decision after consultation with their counselor.

Whatever an Individuals disability or psychological situation many opportunities would have to be included in such a program that would enhance such an individuals opportunity for success in their lives!

Note: All universally accepted options and/or consequences of the individuals decision would be carefully defined, explained and described during this process.

The benefits to both the individual and our Country would be much greater in detail than I could describe in this post however I will hit on some of the most important benefits to the individual our Country and our society as a whole.


1. Determine Basic Values Universally accepted in our society the individual has been taught to this point in their lives.
Reinforce those Values during the time in the program.

2. Basic Military Training and Service consisting of 16 Weeks of Basic Military Training and a 6 month training program for the job determined as most likely said individual would have the highest percentage of success with an alternative job held in reserve if initial results of initial testing and decisions that were made become obviously the wrong choice.

2. 1 full 12 month enlistment in the branch of the Military determined as best suited for the individual during testing and counseling that the individual has chosen.
Service would be preferably both on American soil and in Foreign countries.
The discipline learned would benefit the individual for their entire lives.

3. 1 full 12 month enlistment in Social and Civil Service assignments following Military Service that would put the individual in a position to be of service directly in communities preferably both on American soil and in Foreign countries.

a.) Disaster Response.
b.) Direct Assistance to Individuals, families and communities in need.

The Civic lessons would serve the individual and our country and all those that interact with the individual positively for a lifetime just as the Military Service would benefit the individual and our great country if not the entire planet for a lifetime in a positive manner!

4. 6 Months of Free Education would be Mandatory and follow the Military and Social and Civil Service.

Education would be offered at Major Universities or in a Accredited Trade School Training program or facility.

In that 6 Months the individual would have the opportunity to along with counseling by the Educational Institutions counselors  decide to continue in that field or Switch to a pre-determined alternative field arrange procurement of funding to continue the individuals Education or earn Scholarships

The Socio-economic benefits to both the individual and our country and society would surely last a lifetime!

The Interaction with other members of our society and/or networking would give the individual a lifetime of options both socially and economically Not to benefit our country as a whole!

On a personal level the opportunity to Visit and Work with others in both Foreign and Domestic locations in our Military and in Social and Civil Service assignments would give many individuals an opportunity they otherwise would never have the opportunity to experience!

The individuals self-esteem and the possibility of their success personally,
professionally and economically would be greatly enhanced not to mention that the families these individuals establish would also benefit greatly!

Our great country would benefit from all of the individuals successes both economically and socially by their enlistment and education in this mandatory program that would only take 2 1/2 years of the now young adults life!

Exemptions from enlistment in this program would be limited and even be required for non-violent felons and single parents!

What a way to turn a life around!

Payment to the Individual while Enlisted.

The individual's would be payed for their Service to our country and our planet from day one a yet to be determined amount on a monthly basis.

No financial assistance would be offered or delivered to the individual while in the Education program that would begin after the individual's Military and Social/Civic Service unless the Individual qualifies for some other financial benefits program available to said individual.

Immediate Economic, National Security and Social benefits would begin to build in scale for both individual's our country as a whole and in sheer numbers for communities and families across America  immediately.

Our Military, Government and our Nations Corporations and Companies would have a pool of trained, educated, experienced and confident individuals to recruit and hire offering the individual options never dreamed of in many cases!

Give my idea a little thought and I hope you will find it not only possible to make it into a success in form or fashion but plausible!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my long held opinion that our Nation needs to offer all of it's young people a chance to succeed in their lives when many unless mandated to do so that consider such service often if not to large degree decide NOT to make that decision to leave home and expand their minds and gain the benefits of the experiences described in what I have written

Floyd Clifton Wooley

*The fine details would have to have to be worked out in the committee's of our federal government.
This program would have to be determined to pay for itself.
That is the bottom line!

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