Thursday, March 1, 2018

Van Halen - Right Now and a Life Experience that has Clouded and Seperated an Individual from a once positive time that only needs to proven and recreated even if only in a NEW but similiar Method!


A few Million of us have utilized this Song to Inspire us in Business, Love, Sports whatever to Motivate us to get the Damn thing Turned around before it is too Late!

Damn Right it has worked until possibly in this Century when my perfection is not your Perfection and my Time is governed by your rules of Time!

Never Put Off planning each day to spend as much time as necessary on a plan and expending enough Energy and Devotion to your Life's Success which includes a Business Project, Personal or Family issue and to time to do what helps everyone be refreshed and satisfied after an Opportunity for those important to you to have some time together outdoors on your boat even if it breaks down hell at least you spent time together or whatever activity those close to you share as a common interest in for recreation.

Do those things listed above to insure the success not just of yourself but of everyone around you even if you have to break this Century's rules!

No one  is at their best if no time is set aside for recreation!

Rules and Regulations and NOT taking a Chance Today insures Tomorrows Failure!

Most Times when you have these NEW roadblocks that have been set by others in Today's Society you are expected to put off Today what may NOT happen Tomorrow and suffer the Consequences!
The consequences maybe quite severe to a persons psychological ability to be at their best!

My God!

Those closest to you and yourself are more closely operating at their best psychologically even if you are physically tired from a day of recreation. Physical Fatigue in moderation is much less of a road block to your loved ones and your success than psychological fatigue which leads to mistakes and discourse.

If your only a Fraction off - make a quick decision to either stick with the game plan or make wholesale changes in life when you feel you are off or those around you that are team members or especially loved ones are off.

You have to learn to see the whole picture in life, family, business or even on a sports team spot discourse and work as a team to correct it or each segment of your life and those around you including your team will suffer failures.

In Business or Sport.

Fair Warning: The Old School Team you were successful with wants Organization and Speed so "Let the NEW rules slow you down and you will stall and crash! Stay Fast and Organized my Friend's and take a Chance before you lose the Opportunity!!!!!!!"

Focus, Concentration and Attention to Detail lead to less opportunity for stress, discourse and costly mistakes that can cost you the game or the faith of a client in any type of project you may have under way - lose the faith of your team and the project is not going to reach any level of perfection that will satisfy you 1st or your client.

If you don't seek perfection you will sooner or later begin to have unsatisfied clients. Your team must sense this quest for perfection from you or in their faith in you will lead to decay in the quality of a finished project.

A Once in a Life Time Opportunity to make a Decision that may or at not work only comes around we as individuals Once or Twice so watch your back and shoot the damn ball or throw that pass!
If you miss the shot or the pass is not thrown correctly by you to a receiver do exactly the same thing again until you get it right or die trying - otherwise Tomorrow you will wake up right or wrong anyway in half the people's minds but your team may rally around you if they give a Damn that is if you Damn try to win or expect perfection!

Playing business or a sport conservatively particularly when things are not going smoothly will lead to a lack of interest and the fire needed by you and your team to win in Sports, Life or in Business!
A loss of interest in life, business or a sport by you or anyone on the team will lead to a loss and one loss leads to another so prepare, expend 110% of your energy even if it means doing what it takes to Focus, Concentrate and Pay Attention to Detail longer and in more detail!

A one member team or a 100 member team depends on a leader prepared to lay their life on the line if necessary to succeed.

To not succeed and fail by losing will cost you everything including your psychological edge and you may not be able to hide the fact or regain it easily!

You may not get another chance soon in our short life span if you ultimately fail or get fired!

There may NOT be another Season or Opportunity to start a Business that although even though there are a few business that can actually show a profit in the 1st year it invariably takes 5-10 years in most cases to build a business to the point that you have Cash Reserves or a Line of Credit Available that will insure you weather an Act of God or an Economic Recession as the build up to a Recession normally begins with a boom in the Economy that is at a higher percentage rate than Demand for Materials, Durable Goods, Raw Materials, Transportation, Fuel, Labor and Industrial Output can keep pace with Creating increases in Prices for the Items Listed and in most cases Shortages in both Labor and Goods decreasing Profit Margins across the Economy. The Increased Borrowing drives up Interest Rates as Companies try to keep up with Demand and Increased Labor Costs. Inflation in Prices for raw materials, finished goods and Labor Costs and Profit Margins as Corporations and Companies of all sizes increase prices to try to keep up with Demand.

The time that this begins prior to what normally is the peak in the Stock Market at which time investors become nervous and sell Stocks off while the Price per Share is still higher than when purchased is 1-3 years. The Sell off is caused by a sudden drop in Demand which lasts another 1-3 years.

Wages Decrease and Unemployment Rises as Demand drops as well as Profit Margins in corporation putting Financial Institutions under increased pressure. Expensive Acts of God such Hurricanes, Fires, Floods or Earthquakes during such a boom period or a National Emergency such as War can increase the Boom then become a part of the Decrease in Demand.

There are other Factors that come into play but your business has to be able to bridge this Period by Maintaining Profit Margins and Reducing Operating Costs once Demand begins to drop and Sales Decline.

A Great Recession or as I call it a Depression can be Global in Nature such the Great Recession that peaked in 2007-2008.

Long Story Short these events normally and/or preferably run in 10 year or more cycles.


You better have Healthcare lined up that is consistent particularly if you have a Disability because a change in Doctor's can throw a monkey wrench into your ability to Operate and Manage your Business!

I am ADHD. I know from 1st hand experience what a disappointment that is to manage in our HealthCare System.

Physical Disabilities or Injuries can be horrendous to an Individual that I understand but my God an ADHD person might as well have Leprosy.

Every Doctor seems to think you are a Drug Addict especially if you happened to by chance discover that an over the counter drug readily available in the 1990's Ephedrine HCL that I had once or twice taken strictly to get from one Industrial Construction Job to another in the 1980's but began taking again in the early 1990's to extend my ability to operate a small business immediately also increased my Confidence, Focus, Concentration and Attention to Detail in Sales, Inventory, Memory Recall and Book-Keeping.

I was actually amazed to find that I had absorbed information over the years that became readily available.

I even began remembered watching my Dad's Carpentry Work that I thought I had not paid attention too as a child was something that I not only enjoyed but remembered in detail amazing as that may sound.

I could remember details of my Mother's Book Keeping practices and the Confidence gained began to allow me too ask more questions and retain the answers that everyone from my Accountant to my Mentor in the Homes Sales and Construction Business instructed me in as I learned that Profession.

Then it was screwed up in the late 1990's and early 21st Century by some stupid Government Regulations!

An added "Cough Medicine" was added that is Robitussin was added and increased in amount to the point that I was left wondering what in the Hell to do!

Family members that were ADHD were not even thought of until my 2nd Wife mentioned it too me in the early 21st Century!

I had also had an Oldest Son that was Diagnosed as such that because of some parts upbringing and other over hearing my parents conversations that when I noticed him paying attention to Television more than being outside when visiting my ex-wife and I that I then Discovered he was on Ritalin.

I was taken aback and asked that he not be given the Medication.

My God!

If only I had been on ADHD medication in School as I look back and think all the Time!

Being tired and being medicated for ADHD are not one in the same as some might still believe.

Hyper-Activity does not necessarily at all translate into being good at any one job that each Job has many smaller tasks that must be carried out with Patience, Accuracy and Consistent Order.

Those Tasks have to be planned and properly laid out such as in book keeping.

I even tried a couple of Courses. One as a Real Estate Sales-Person of which I passed but my lack of confidence scared me away from taking an offer from Prudential Cooper in Mobile.

I felt intimidated by the their operation that was absolutely over-whelming.

I took a course on Windows when it 1st was introduced but soon quit because it was just to much of a situation where patience, memory recall and attention to the course instructor were frustrating.

This was all before I realized Ephedrine HCL were such a Fantastic Help. Prior to that please remember I had only tried it on out of town trips to Industrial Construction Jobs to stay awake when driving. A friend and co-worker told me one night on the way to Georgia -
Cliff pull over at the next Gas Station and get some Ephedrine HCL it will get us to Perry, Georgia Alive before you fall asleep!

I didn't use it again until I Opened the Marine Supply Store on Battleship Parkway in September 1993. I never stopped again until it went off the market with 200 mg of a cough syrup that is in Robitussin that absolutely ruined the Ephedrine HCL's Effectiveness.

I even had to figure out what dose worked best a 3rd time. It had no Robitussin in it too begin with then 100 mg was added then another 100 mg.

On the positive side. I sold 150 - 175 Houses for Dobbins Homes from 1996 to 2000 2 for Elizabeth Homes and 18 Homes for Dukes Homes in Robertsdale in 2000 before leaving to start studying for my Homebuilders License and to work for my Fathers Company Full-Time.

If you can't utilize the resources you had that got you to the Top in the 1998 then in 2018 you better find NEW resources that work as they did in 1998 because your the loser if your team is gone.

Hopefully if so they will be okay but you wont be and that is the Damn Truth!

You will be out possibly out of sight for quite a while if the Damn thing meant anything to you to begin with my Friend!

Time is going by mighty quickly as I write this too you so take it from someone that knows "Do it Today or Lose it Forever!"

Your NEW boss or Venture maybe even that Coaching job on another teams success depends on your ability to remember and utilize the details of that last failure may just insure success this time!

Your detractors will overlook your past success and hammer you with details of your last failure and attempt diligently to manipulate your plan to use both reasons for success and try to tie those back your failure in the end of a last Venture to lift their egos or status by trying to change your style and even details of your life that in fact were not the reason for a failure which may just ruin another opportunity for success. Don't fall for some fantasy that they Fancy that is NEW and Unproven!

If you are the leader test your own damn changes not theirs or they will run your team!

You will lose again my Friend!

You will be in Chains because a NEW way most likely will never work even if your sold the idea by some slick group or individual!

It's their Gain - NOT yours or anyone that is Close to you because once their plan fails you and the NEW you most likely if at all really you wont be any good to anyone especially if they believe in the old fairy tale that only the most talented team trained to do as they are told and that history that has been rewritten to their benefit is the NOT the real truth of the matter!

Once a Winner hopefully you will fight to win again "Your Damn Way if you can find ONE ally that knows your Truth is Their Truth!

That's how you build a NEW team in whatever the Endeavor may be - Business on a Personal Level or in Sports!

Treat people you come in contact with Right if they believe and prove what worked for you is the same thing that worked for them!

Rally such a Team!

Don't Hope for Anything because hope gets you no where but another day closer to death and a hope that we all wish we could prove!

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

F Clifton Wooley

P.S.- If you drive the Speed limit that Lexus will run over you with them B Vitamin Freaks in it! Talking about just holler at them to sit around and God will provide. You may NOT live to see them in the Ditch Ahead!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Journal Entry 072916-A: God Bless America!

Customers and Friends,
I saw what is written on this sign today and thought "My God! I don't know how much we would agree or disagree on - on a itemized list but I want to tell the people of the Grace Bible Church in Spanish Fort,  Alabama that what you have in writing on your sign not only inspired me but hopefully others will agree is the best thing I ever seen on anyone's Church Sign Board or for that matter even on CNN!"
America's Enemies should never be it's own People!
My God!
I had to try to share what is written with as many people as possible even if it meant driving by tonight and writing this post!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley
Battleship Marine!

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