Sunday, December 18, 2011

ADHD: A Serious Post for The ADHD, ADD, Depressed and Possibly Depressed. If you can't go to sleep, stay asleep or sleep long enough! Let me tell you what is working for me cause I'm one of you! 1. Have your doctor prescribe you Intuniv- even if it's off-label. 2. Take two 1-mg clonazamps. 2. Tylenol or a sleeping pill of your choice. I slept seven hours last night til my family woke me up this morning. 4. Get you a dog or a cat single or not. To talk to, observe and Love til death do you part and never and spank them. LOL. 6. Get you a job- from a hobby and don't sweat the small stuff with age. PTSD? Same scenario. God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge! F. Clifton Wooley

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