Thursday, June 20, 2013

Journal Entry 062013-A: Cliff's Thought of the Day!

When I was 30 year's old before "The Great Depression of the 21st Century" I had a "Damn Good Friend tell me that after I was 40 year's-old it was all down hill and he was 55 year's old at the Time.
I had another man tell me not so long ago that "I would feel better after 50 year's Old"
Well "I beleive the man that was 55 year's old at the time I was 30 year's old". No offense to the other man but he damn sure wasn't my dad or mother.
I have remembered what my good friend told me when I was 30 years-old every since he told me that at least a hundred times and Lord was he right.
I might get in trouble for this but "I felt better when I was taking "Adderrall Xr or Vyvanse". Hell it wasn't like I wouldn't have gone to the doctor for being a "Work-Aholic" so I would be prepared for the way I feel today!
Thank you to my doctor's and I'll be there next month dead or alive!
Battleship Marine will also be open "dead or alive"!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley
P.S.- "I wish I could find a Woman that likes boats that is crazy I am!" Oh? "I would hope she likes dogs too."

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