Sunday, August 11, 2013

Journal Entry 081113-A: A Beautiful Day on Mobile Bay!


Me and some friends went for a ride across the Bay!

You can't see them but you can damn sure hear them!

It's just their bed-time manner that aint worth a shit!

The house in the picture is the one I grew up in on Hollinger's Island.

I went skinny dipping in that in the bay out from that house one night with two beautiful girls but I was engaged and couldn't go through with it.

My friend wasn't too happy with my actions that night but although I am divorced now I am glad I kept my word.

Those were two beautiful girls out there that night but anyway don't mind me I'm divorced.

I went skinny dipping in the pool at that house too but another set of values kicked in that day too.

I still love those two girls two.

I made love to my first girl not far from that house one night and she was one beautiful American Indian- Creek to be exact. I still Love her too.

I learned a little bit bout boats and building growing up on that water and thought I would share some love with you.

I rode up Dog River and turned around at the turning basin in Dog River Marina before heading up river.

I passed the Coast Guard Patrol tied up at the dock there at Dog River Marina and lord. I would love to go for a patrol with those beautiful ladies. My hats off too the young men on patrol with those beautiful ladies- yall made the right decision joining the Coast Guard for that there is no doubt.

I played with the squalls on the way back and lord that 88 88 horsepower Evinrude purred like a kitten on the back of my 17' Negus.

One of my last job in the construction business was for Dee Dee Castronova after Hurricane Katrina when I actively operated Coastasl Home Solutions. I worked til midnight in the fog one night on the southern dormer rebuilding the roof and I hope it hasn't leaked since Dee Dee.

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

I made a video of the adventure across the bay but I don't know how to get it to my computer on a plain old Red, White and Blue!

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