Thursday, August 15, 2013

Journal Entry 081513-A: Tides are strong in The Mobile Bay Area thru the 21st!


I hope you think that Jack Crevalle caught off the Fairhope, Alabama Pier is as beautiful as I do! They put up one hell of a fight. I'd say the one pictured would run 25 pounds or more.

Battleship Marine is open for your Boating needs and my "August Sale" Continues. The sale is on selected items "In-Stock" and even on Special Order items- you'll have to trust me on those items.

Some-times I can match or beat the competitors price and some-times I can't but please give me a shot. I would love to earn your business.

Please keep in mind that I also "Stock" Alabama, Auburn, LSU and Florida gift items at this time as well as Nautical Gift Items.

Those Items are featured in later posts on this my main blog and the Gulf Coast Girls Blog and I assure as funds will allow I will increase that inventory.

Lastly I would love for you to browse my advertising blog that features local businesses in the area that I personally have done business with or have heard good word on.

Please visit the Battleship Marine blog to get an idea of what I have "In-stock" but please call as some inventory is still not featured in the pages section or just stop by at your convenience.

If I am not here give me a call and if I am close I will come open the door for you not to mention open the door after hours if you need anything- even if I am Asleep- just beat on the door til I open it!

If I am not available hopefully I am out Fishing myself or at an Alabama game or my grand-kids football game or possibly in a straight jacket for trying to get this business on it's feet against all odds! LOL!

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge! No I don't believe in hell- "I watch CNN at the very least"!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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