Sunday, September 15, 2013

Journal Entry 091513-C: There was a Jubilee Last Night.


Boo Boo and I rode down to the Fairhope, Alabama Pier this morning after stopping at Bay Shores Market for gasoline, Camel Snuz Mellow and a Newspaper.

I wanted to check up on my favorite college football teams.

When Boo and I got to the pier we discovered there had been a "Jubilee" of some size early this morning.

The birds were near the pier in large numbers, blue crabs, shrimp and millions of fish just below the surface of the water.

The oxygen was so low according to the fisherman on the pier the live bait was dieing on their hooks.

One Jack Crevalle to my knowledge had been caught.

I didnt see any Flounder in the shallows but they may have been in close earlier.

I'm not sure because I didn't get to the Pier with Boo until around 8:00 am.

I took some pictures but I couldnt get those to upload for publishing in this blog.

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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