Monday, September 30, 2013

Journal Entry 093013-B: I noticed this Morning.


On the way back from the pier I noticed that on a church reader board I had noticed Sunday Morning had posted a "verse" from Romans we all know so well.

I forget the Chapter and Verse but the Pastor is a Lippincott.

Posted on their reader board were the words from that famous chapter and verse from Romans.

It states and forgive me if it I don't get it word for word.

The Wages of Sin are Death.

This morning those letters on that board were messed up so the verse couldnt be read.

I hope it wasnt vandalism.

We all sin regardless of our beleifs and "death" is a certain out come.

Regardless of if we want to die or not so shame on the vandals if that be the case because no verse could be any more correct.

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Floyd Clifton Wooley

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