Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Journal Entry 100113-D: Our Government in Washington?

Is it as amazing to you as it is too me that our congress can't simply vote to raise the debt limit and put together a budget that builds in enough of a contingency fund for budget over-runs.
The following year you simply look at the data and make corrections based on the data from the previous year.
Those corrections would then be used to build the next budget.
In my opinion this is the worst congress this country has ever had.
Not all of the distinguished members but there are enough to create a complete log jam in Washington.
Take the health care law. Let the damn thing have a chance to work or not work.
The GAO doesn't supply erroneous data to the Congress and President.
Use the data the GAO supplies and look at the program a year from now and lets stop the posturing.
It hurts our Citizens.
Take today.
Veterans and Republican Members of Congress stage a situation in Washington where they arent allowed into a memorial.
There wasn't a democrat present so it was staged friends.
The Republicans present used the Veterans. Period.
One last thing I would like to know.
The federal workers furloughed?
If they aren't paid they should receive back pay for the days furloughed and it should be reported to the public on all the major networks!
Don't yall agree?
As for the healthcare law. In a few years we will know if it has been working or not.
Then Republicans can call a damn constitutional convention and kick everybody off their insurance if they so wish.
Heck yall even Kennedy and Nixon wanted everyone to have healthcare and that was 40 plus years ago in the early 70's.
If you pay for your healthcare through an insurance plan you can afford and is easy to understand everyone wins.
As long as we have some choice in the matter as citizens.
Have a nice evening.
Floyd Clifton Wooley

P.S.- I havent seen as much construction work being done lately as I have in years. New Residential construction, Residential Repair and Remodeling, Road Repair and construction, and Commercial construction and repair.

I don't know about industrial Construction and Repair because I haven't been in a plant facility too see for myself but Airbus is there to be seen.

The goose that laid the golden egg is on the mend. That's all there is too it don't most of you agree?

The results will filter down the economic chain.

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