Sunday, November 17, 2013

Journal Entry 111713-A: Been a busy Sunday!

Saints 20-17 over the 49ers at the Mercedes Super Dome in New Orleans!
Geaux Saints!
I'm just sitting here with Boo Boo catching up on the days football getting ready for the Bronco's vs Chief's game on Sunday Night Football reflecting on todays events!
First on the list is I had an opportunity to ride down to Lillian and see my mom and dad late this afternoon for the first time in more time than I would like to admit.
I enjoyed seeing them thoroughly!
It's been a busy Summer here at Battleship Marine and I'm very happy about that to be sure but it was great to see my mom and dad!
I got out this morning with Boo Boo a little late and rode down to the pier after stopping at McDonald's for a couple of sausage biscuits.
I sure hope I can get this "best-friend" of mine energetic enough to walk at least the "round" down at the Pier again.
I've been leaving her at home when I run errands or visit friends or family hoping if I give her a break she'll have a break-out day- maybe tomorrow morning will be that morning.
I got out to the ramps from Honey Road to Scott's and Shirley's on the Causeway today to put out flyers and I hope you got one.
If you did or didn't and you read this post "I hope you get a chance to stop by and see Boo Boo and I if you need anything for your boat, boat trailer or marine engine.
The weather in my opinion has been a little unusual this year.
Warm and very little in the way of rain in the few fronts we have had especially rain north of the Mobile River Delta to flush the shrimp south out of the rivers along with the fish but fish are being caught you just have to look.
I heard the shrimp were up near Gravine Island last week from a friend that fishes on the pier so maybe a little rain will flush them south but the fish maybe up there with the shrimp.
I have been to busy to get out and fish my boat so far this fall but I hope too even if it's in December.
Well let me go for now.
Go Chiefs!
Roll Tide Roll!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

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