Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Journal Entry 012114-C: Afternoon Ride to the Pier!


I decided to lay down on the damn Beach to take the photo attached for God Sakes so I hope you like the damn thing for Christ Sakes!

Well I do hope you like the Picture!

Boo Boo and I needed the ride down to the Fairhope, Alabama Pier today!

Well we did!

The wind was blowing a gale but a little more out if the West than earlier today.

It was warm compared to most of the rest of the country.

There was even a what do you call 'em?

You know the people that ride a surfboard with a I guess a spinnaker sail out on Mobile Bay today in his wetsuit!

Man was he gettin it across those waves!

The ducks were catching a little warmth out on the beach all bunched up together before tonights cold weather settles in after dark.

I started too walk out to the end of the pier but I really didnt feel the need.

There were a few people down there enjoying the weather.

As I drove back through downtown Fairhope I noticed quite a few tags from out of town and a few "personalized" tags of which I got a quick laugh out of trying to figure out the meaning but none come to mind to write about although I wish I could but I just dont recall one in particular.

I like figuring those damn things out for some reason or taking a wild guess at one.

Lastly I might mention driving through the Beach park with the window down so Boo Boo could let the wind blow in her hair.

I think she enjoyed the whole experience.

On the way back to the store I noticed both road widening projects are coming along as planned.

The one on Fairhope Avenue and the one over here close to Battleship Marine on Highway 181.

There is construction all over this town- residential and commercial!

Have a nice afternoon and stop by to see us here at Battleship Marine if you need anything for God Sakes!

Well I mean it!

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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