Saturday, April 19, 2014

Journal Entry 041914-A: If I were a Genius!!!

If I wasnt so stupid and I were a genius!
"I would invent an over the counter injectable lubricant for your joints"!
I wouldnt tell a person except all my friends with arthritis, joint damage or nerve damage!
I was watching Larry King this morning promote super duper fish oil and it was in the back of my mind all day to write this post.
I wouldnt ask anyone's advice I would just wait on some dumb SOB to put me in jail so I have a better idea!
Come July 31st when I get my dad-gum "Part B" I'm not telling anyone but the damn doctor and I'm gonna get as many epidurals as Medicare will allow and hope like hell I can get enough of this other stuff so that Social Security will let me keep working!
I got you on the "other stuff" didnt I?
Stop on by Battleship Marine and there is a list on the counter of what I take and if you don't like it- well they claim "this and that" about me but in reality there wouldnt be much I could do cause I need your friendship and your business if you dont mind me saying so cause well who will this offend?
"I can barely do this job"
. I'm hurting right now. I was hurting five minutes after I got out of bed this morning too!"
Someone asked "was it worth it"?
I can only say "Hell yes it was worth it"! Everything I ever picked up that was too heavy well it was worth it"!
What else was I to do?
Lay on my Ass?
So Yes my friends every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year since I asked my Dad "Can I start washing Windshields"!
He was reluctant and even made me wait to start checking oil but not to toot my own horn from when I was 10 or 11 but "I snuck in pumping some gas for people when he wasn't looking until he said Yes"!
Back then we little ones could even put a six-pack in bag when Mr. Bone wasn't looking!"
Mr. Bone I don't know where you are but I meant no offense!
Thank you so damn much for the business this week cause my entire life I said "I am gonna work as hard as possible so I don't have to live on Social Security!"
Friends that didnt work out so I'm gonna keep this store open as long as I can until someone puts a bullet in my head or I can't walk anymore!
Maybe by then I can make the damn place wheel-chair accessible for you and me both!
Thank you again my friends for a great week at Battleship Marine!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley
P.S.- First Time I ever electrocuted myself was putting Christmas Tree Lights on the Christmas Tree in the Souvenir Shop at my Dad's Exxon Travel Stop!
I didn't tell anyone. I looked around and thought "I better be quiet right now or they will take me off this job!"
P.S.S.-"He used to get a truck-load of those Lo-Boys" You know the Styrofoam cooler that will hold 100#'s of Shrimp and Ice? Never mind just my racing! Whoops!
I offended someone! I hope not cause I don't want your mind racing on you either!
Peace and Love Yall!

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