Thursday, June 19, 2014

Journal Entry 061918-A: Iraq!!

Our economy may be on the mend but what a mess we have created in the Middle East!!
If I were President our Abrams tanks would be rolling toward Basra, Baghdad and those God Forsaken oil fields to protect them in fact they would already be there by now!
I don't want to demean our fallen and injured in Vietnam but this is no Vietnam!
We should never have killed Saddam Hussein because he was just damn mean enough to hold Iraq together and any student of history might find the Social Fabric and daily lives of the citizens of the country was also better with him in power!
1.1 Trillion Dollars later we have let 160,000 people die in Syria while this group ISIS prepared its self to go back into a weakened Iraq and create havoc after so many Americans gave their lives, minds and worked their asses off rebuilding what we unfortunately destroyed!
Not one weapon of mass destruction ever being found!
What a government we elect!
President Clinton would never have done anything but the right thing and that is "hunt down Osama Bin laden and his group and kill the bastards"!
Now what a damn mess we have!
Afghanistan is the next problem!
Mark my words!
14 years later!
What a bunch of crap my friends!
Have a good day!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
P.S.- President Obama should fire his National Security team. Bring back General Petraeus and appoint Senator McCain as Secretary of Defense!
I'd ask President Clinton to be Secretary of State!
Unfortunately Richard Holbrook isn't with us on this Planet anymore but I have provided a link to his Wikipedia File and in his absence Who better than President Clinton to be Secretary of State for a couple of years!!!!

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