Monday, February 16, 2015

Journal Entry 021615-A: On a darker note for the planet....updated!

Customers and Friends,

I was gonna write a post on the planets situation but it got too damn complicated!

I deleted the post and I just wanna say "fight on" Ukraine and the Spring is just gonna be wonderful in Afghanistan not to mention the rest of North Africa and the Middle East.

"I think we have one terrible mess on our hands between three religions and one Christian Nation being Russia that will in my Opinion- sell arms to their own enemies to rebuild Putin's Russian Empire!"

I think he is just that arrogant.

I don't think it is moral decay that has caused this mess.

For Christ Sakes- who could have worse morals than ISIS?

Floyd Clifton Wooley

P.S.- How the hell did as reported on CNN yesterday- ISIS get Israeli encryption technology that the NSA can't break?

*Egypt  Will the Egyptian Military out live the Muslim Brotherhood?
*Now the Ukrainian Military is in retreat- I even noticed on CNN their troops pulling a broken down armored personnel carrier back toward Kiev that is since this post was first written.
* I hope the damn Anti-Christ doesn't get away with what Netanyahu got away with by snubbing The President of The United States of America and then "Our" President was forced to sit down with him anyway!
My Friends!
 I read some stupid books one-time when I still sat down and read entitled "Left-Behind!"
Our President in those books- is "Forced" to sit down with a Foreign Leader that he does NOT fully trust that just happens to be the Anti-Christ.
I don't believe in the Anti-Christ being a human being with "Mystical Powers" as in that book but a real man that is a Foreign Leader should never-ever visit this country without our President's prior approval to meet with anyone in our government!
"What if in the future another President is snubbed and some deal is made behind his back that is detrimental to security of "Our" country?"
Not even one of our Allies Leaders!
Peace and Love!

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