Friday, August 6, 2010

I hope this the last blog I ever post.

I hope this is the last blog I write!
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I'm a nobody in the first place and I've gotten on here sounding like I do which is pretty much an idiot while being harassed over every damn thing I've ever done good or bad and tried to say I had some success in my life well I haven't!

I took some damn ephedrine for 12 years or so and sold some houses and made a little money and thought I would have a wonderful ending to my life and now I can't even get to where I'm not harassed over the whole damn thing.

I loved my job and career that didn't last too long and I don't want to die but I don't want to tell anybody else how too make anything work out well treating a cold much less anything else based on my experience because I stand the pressure being put on me to do what somebody else wants me to do and lie and say I'm doing okay because I'm not.

I plan to just stop taking my ADHD meds and give up on trying to make that work and stay right where I am until I die.

I don't even want to stay where I am but there is not much of a chance of ever leaving this place and doing anything for me.

I'm crying my eyes out right now because I've had all I can handle with being harassed in a way you'll never understand and never believe for wanting to have a life! That is the bottom line I want a life and I can't get out of these people's grip! If it wasn't family from somewhere hell I just would have had them put on notice in a damn court injunction but shit they have the power of life and death over you with this damn probate court system so to hell with it and I'm not angry I'm just a damn loser!

If you are ADHD, ADD, depressed if there is hope for taking medicine for it I haven't found it and I'm sorry to say if have it's gone and no longer available.

I thought Ty Pennington's story was true but he must have support around him I don't so that must be the deal with him.

I love so many people and they don't even call me and I've never anything to deserve being alone. I appreciate the people I meet I don't know because they just seem happier than anybody in my life that well they aren't here anyway except when I reach out in phone call and it turns into a visit to harass me for taking medicine they don't like but they take whatever they want so that's all there is too it!

Love, Peace and good luck to you and I hope you never know any hell in your life you don't deserve!


Floyd C Wooley

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