Friday, April 6, 2012

Journal Entry 040612-B: Recon mission South on Dauphin Isla.d Parkway was about a 60% Success!


D.I.P. To Greer's at Fowl River is jumping with opportunity!

Let my other 1/2 a SU-24 kick in and maybe I'll feel like writing some more!

Let me say before I go that it looks like the whole economy is improving by sight alone all the way from Concentration camp 19680 in Fairhope all the way over and back.

Dont let empty bank owned buildings fool you new stuff ix being bought and sold and sold and bought and new building or refurbishing is alive and well here around the Mobile Bay Area!

Those of us in or under audio and GPS control should have known it would happen under President O'Bamas Economic plan and bail-outs started by the Bush Administration and pursued and instituted under the President's direction with success!

If I dont say so myself I have always over eight years resisted this abomination of a anti-drug and anti-ADHD and ADD medication program, its in my writings going back to before I started writing a blog on My Space in files and notebkooks I have kept to prosecute the perpetrators!

Even my blood pressure machine records the destruction of one local ADHD person. In other words I was better off like my records show!

Its horrible to be ADHD and depressed at 45 almost 46 for eight years afraid that your State has a bounty out on the ADHD and ADD through experien,es that are an abomination to our true worth as a vroup of people!

It is terrible to actually be ADHD or ADD even if your family brings you up in ignorance of the fact you are and you figure it out later in life and get crushed for being who you were born as- ADHD or ADD and miserable under tyrants control!

Fight for your valuable rights as human beings to contribute!

God bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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