Sunday, April 21, 2013

Journal Entry 042113-A: Sunday Morning Before Church.


Sunday morning before church I decided to take boo boo for a walk at the pier and take a few pictures for you of a beautiful Sunday morning in late April of the The Mobile Bay Area and of the peaceful beauty of Fairhope, Alabama's bay front park.

I had the good fortune of seeing several other people jogging, walking or as I myself was doing spending time with my beloved dog.

I can't help but mention the lady with the beautiful white Schnauser- I hope I spelled schnauser correctly.

I had told her the story yesterday of how as a kid I had watched our schnauser Dolly be attacked by a bull dog on Bay Road that is directly across the bay in one of the pictures above located directly between dog river bridge and the clump of pine trees and industrial facilities to it's right or south.

As I watched from a couple of hundred feet away the bulldog swung or spun dolly around and from my rear and from down our driveway Happy our Doberman Pincher ran to Dolly's aid knocking the bulldog several feet.

My father rushed dolly to the vet for stitches but I will never forget Happy saving Dolly from the Bulldog that day.

It wasn't a pit bull to my recollection.

Let me get boo boo and get to church.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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