Friday, July 26, 2013

Journal Entry 072613-B: What if?


What if is the question I have asked myself today about something I feel is pretty important to many people that live on this planet.

What if you were diagnosed ADD or ADHD as a child or teen-ager not mention even as a young adult and were suddenly to lose your medication after completing school at what-ever level that might be?

I found myself thinking of this question after calling a so-called ADD and ADHD doctor I had been referred to when I asked the question "Do you test for Adult ADHD?

Friends their answer was "No"!

Friends Technology changes almost daily on this planet. Wouldn't it be an awful position to put your child in to have them earn their diploma, degree or graduate from a Technical School then be left out in the cold for future educational opportunities based on a flawed conception that ADD or ADHD becomes less of a problem in such a fast changing technical world?

Just a hypothetical situation that could limit a persons ability to maintain their position in life at the very least and ruin their family life on top of it not to mention the possiblity they may turn to the street and be slammed by someone selling some crap that could not only ruin their life but land them in jail with a record.

Trust me there are some people out here that will kill your child to claim the title of doing the right thing in some radical way and your child may just be trying to keep up with Technology and maintain their possibility for a future both at home and at the career or business of their choice.

I hope you will give it some thought my friends.

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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