Sunday, August 4, 2013

Journal Entry 080413-A: Cliff's First Thought(s) of the Morning!


"I Opened my eye's this morning during a terrible dream about someone I don't even know but is in the public spot-light we will just say having a pretty terrible day to my dismay and sadness that I am too superstitious to even mention their name."

"Then I realized how damn sad I was- just utter and complete sadness- then I realized the pain. Physical Pain."

I jumped out of bed and man then I really felt the physical pain.

Oh that's not this mornings picture because I couldn't get a picture over to g plus from my phone if I tried.

If the failure to get it done wasn't bad enough the stress of trying just might.

I drove over to Mobile last night and back down Dauphin Street but i couldn't make myself get out of the car the people standing in lines at the clubs seemed so damn young too me! Lord they all looked like they were 16 compared to how I must look.

I did make it out on the Fairhope, Alabama Pier last night to see my son Lee and his wife Lindsey along with their kids- Ethan, Issabella and Lauren fishing.

The pier was packed to the gills so to speak- I mean packed. What is it the last week-end before school or maybe the fish were biting i don't know.

I'm having some coffee while I type this.

One last thing THE "Energy" shot sure didn't help me last night. Not one damn bit!

I'm not sure the five "Devil's Claws" did either as bad I hurt this morning in my hands and in every other joint in my body.

At least my ear quit singing when I got up! Except when Boo Boo barked the damn LEFT ONE "rattled" for the first time in lieu of the "Right" one!

Let me get going now that I had some coffee and wrote this miserable post.

Have a nice Sunday!

One last thing "I didn't even get one scam text from my personal ad on Craig list this morning- what a bummer!"

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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