Sunday, August 4, 2013

Journal Entry 080413-B: Boo and I had a scare Today!


Boo and I had a Scare Today. We were walking on the Pier this morning and of course she was walking at her naturally quick pace when she suddenly went for a Shrimp head.

I tried to get it out of her mouth but it was stuck in her gums toward the back of her throat and when I tried to pull it out she clamped down on my fingers when her jaw teeth and I lost hold of it and it went down her throat.

She still isn't out of the woods yet but for the longest time today she was lethargic and uncomfortable.

I called Stephanie's office at Animal Wellness and was directed to her Emergency line where they told me of course it may be best to bring her in but in the event that I didn't want to bring her to mobile to give her some bread and monitor her for signs of distress.

So far she has rebounded well and has had some food and water and is up moving about.

I have to get her Trifectis tomorrow from Stephanie so hopefully by then she will be or will have passed the worst of the Shrimps head- at least I have my fingers crossed that is the case.

You see I built a home for a wonderful couple here in Fairhope 10 years ago and an accidental case of their two small dogs getting some chicken bones early in construction caused their deaths a sad fact I had to live with every day during construction of their home and it was very difficult to face them knowing I had caused such a terrible event in their lives each time I visited their construction site.

I know they were in pain and after spending 10 or 11 years with my dog I would hate to lose such a loving creature to such an incident.

I hope tomorrow I will know more about the status of that damn shrimps head and if Boo Boo can pass it.

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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