Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Journal Entry 080613-A: Arthritis!


I'm not doing a follow-up post on Boo Boo and the DamN Shrimp head cause I'm pretty superstitious to say the least.

I will write this post on arthritis because what-ever it is growing in my back between my shoulder blades and down my spine into my waist and then down my legs started out years ago with me simply feeling like I had a pulled muscle in my shoulder from reaching over and hitting the snooze button or jumping out of bed (what I used to say was hitting the ceiling each morning with excitement over having the opportunity to work with Charlie Dukes, Bill Dobbins, Dan O. Garroway and of course randy Dobbins selling homes for them each day not to mention the lessons I learned from them all).

I didn't pay attention to my family history either which you should do- I mean pay attention to your family history and make damn sure you have Insurance and a family doctor with all your records or you will live like I do.

I can barely get through my day without the pain coming back before I have to go to bed and wake up trying to hit the floor running so I don't freeze up in one place.

I'm dead serious!

I simply reached around for my toothebrush last night or something- it really doesn't matter and felt that tentacle tear between my shoulder blades and it hurts like hell Today.

I don't even care about my damn ears anymore all I am concerned with is keeping my ADHD under some control by what-ever means necessary and to remain mobile as humanely possible til I can afford the co-pay on some kind of MRI that may be too damn late!

Cymbalta does help but don't forget you have arthritis!

My life line is torn in three places- "I hope too hell every morning that doesn't mean their gonna bring back too life three times"!

Then I take some pills get out and meet some people and open my store and hope I find a woman to love me and that I am worth it- if I could just figure out how to "hit on somebody" in person with more than a hello and good morning!

I'm not scared of women- hell if it weren't for women I wouldn't have had the pleasure of selling and building close to 300 homes for y'all.

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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