Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Journal Entry 082113-B: I havent heard the Navy Trainers


ABC News 3 tonight at 6 pm showed a video of the Blue Angels in flight and the meteorologist said zomething to the effect "gotta get those cob webs out of those jets".

I thought to myself "damn I haven't heard any U.S. NAVY pilots training in the sky's over Baldwin County in quite a while!"

I always stop and think "it's good to hear those guys training" and have felt that way since moving to Baldwin County in the mid-90's from Mobile County.

I used to ride by one of those fields for year's on County Road 54 and marvel at those planes doing touch and go landings while on the way home to Silverhill, Daphne or Spanish Fort or on my way to or from a house under construction or soon to be under construction while working for Dobbins Homes, Dukes Homes or for that matter when I operated Classic Southern Homes.

Maybe those planes will be back in the skies soon.

I certainly hope so because those human beings learning to fly those planes protect the freedoms we have left and I certainly would hate to think those freedoms would be protected by a drone.

That's my opinion. We need human beings flying the planes that protect the freedoms we have left from any foreign aggressor and I'm sure an aggressor is waiting in the wings or to put another way- waiting to appear in our future.

There always has been in the past and I can assure there will be one or more in our future.

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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