Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Journal Entry 082113-A: My trip out in the Gulf of Mexico 082013


I had a wonderful time yesterday out in the Gulf of Mexico in my 17' Negus.

I had checked the NOAA weather radio the night before and the forecast was for 1-2 foot seas with scattered showers.

No problem I thought. I'll dodge the showers and catch a fish.

I had my clock set for 5 am but when it went off my dog scooted up to me and I decided to lay their a little longer. I was in pain and had whistles in my ears anyway by that time and I was a little down about it.

I finally decided to get up and go cause a young lady on Facebook had said the before "just try"!

So I did.

As pictured it was beautiful to the east and quite stormy to the south and west.

I'm getting tired trying to focus here but let me continue.

I proceeded South from the pass.

I found beautiful fish every where and tried to fish them.

I looked to the west and noticed the condos the triple ones were now shrouded in rain but there was a little sun shining to the south and west.

To the south the black wall was closing in on me and to the east it was wrapping around to the coast.

I decided since I didnt know how deep in depth of miles to the south the storm was I would run west toward the sun.

I ran west until I realized there was no break in the weather.

I'm glad I turned east at that point because I would soon find out I had water in my fuel.

I encountered heavy seas at least 3-5's. Heavy rain that I had to try to see through even though I wear contacts in case of a rain wrapped water-spout.

The spray filled my eyes and right ear.

My damn kill switch lanyard kept falling off.

I had to act quick because I thought it was water at first.

I changed to my main tank and realized my lanyard was off.

I quickly put it back on and cranked my engine.

It fell again and I took my keys off the ring and threw them in my gear bag.

Popped the kill switch lanyard on and cranked my engine and turned into the waves.

I had run that engine daily and should not have had water.
I stood and faced the weather.

I traveled slightly north of east until I saw the pier then I knew I would be fine .

The swells were so high I had to travvel slighly south of east after a rogue wave caught me a little by surprise.

Once I felt that wave as I think I wrote I kept that bow up and straight into the swells until I broke into a clearer area.

I also had a weight distribution problem to solve prior to that time.

I proceeded east all the while seeing those beautiful fish jump from those swells.

Then the water became evident in my fuel.

My seperator was full of it but I was still in heavy waves just east of the pass.
I was watching for a steepled condo because it would be or mean I was too far east when I spotted the bridge appearing from the rain.

I fought the water all the way too the dock.

I'm too tired from trying to focus on my C-Spire to go.

It was fun as hell. I mean it except for the water in the fuel.

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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