Thursday, October 31, 2013

Journal Entry 103113-C: Thank you!


It's Halloween day which means of course that this is the last day of October 2013!

I was going until tomorrow to write this post but I was just too excited not to go ahead and write it Today!

October was the 3rd best month of sales I have had here at Battleship Marine in 2013 and the 4th best month of sales I have had here at Battleship Marine since I opened the store for retail sales in January 2012!

I would not be sitting here writing this post if not for each and every person that has walked through that door and let me help them in some way have something they need for their boat, boat trailer or marine engine not to mention a few nautical gifts and SEC football gifts as well that you have purchased.

Again let me "thank you" for making this a successful month and please keep Battleship Marine in mind if you need anything for your boat, boat trailer or marine engine!

Please visit the advertising page if you need "service and repair" or if you would like to browse the other "local" businesses featured on that page!

Battleship Marine! Your source for "discount" pricing on inventory we have in the store and "discount" pricing on just about anything else you need for your Boat, Boat Trailer or Marine Engine that I order into the store for you!

Have a safe and enjoyable boating, fishing and pleasure boating experience!

Recreational and Commercial Customers Welcome!

Happy Halloween and again Thank You for a great October 2013!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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