Thursday, November 28, 2013

Journal Entry 112813-B: My Thanksgiving Dinner at the Dedeaux's!

My daughter Allison and her husband Brian invited me over for Thanksgiving Dinner and what a nice time we had- well I know I enjoyed myself that is for certain.
I'm sitting here just stuffed!
Allie can cook like no-body's business!
I wanted to ride down and see my parent's in Lillian this afternoon but they weren't feeling well but I got a chance to talk to my mother and dad on the phone and wish the two of them a happy thanksgiving and tell them I love them.
I hope my mother gets to feeling better for the Auburn game Saturday and for her birthday on the second of December.
My mother maybe a bigger Alabama fan than any of the rest of the family including myself!
Hell were all Alabama fans!
Allie and Brian kill me. They said I could come over and watch the Bama vs Auburn game with them but that they had a bunch of Auburn friends coming over!
Like I wouldnt enjoy the game if Auburn fans were in the house!
Well I guess it depends! Not that I would want to fight one or more of them or something.
Who knows it might get pretty tense in there though as big as this game is going to be for both teams.
Let me explain.
If your not a football or sports fan you may not realize it but a "true" fan feels like they are part of the team.
I still think I could live with an Auburn fan even if she was rabid a fan as I am. We might just have to call the police before the game and explain to them that if the neighbors called the law on us the day of the Iron Bowl it would be fine!
We just have a divided house!
I stopped by Lee's house this morning and dropped off the rest of the Satsuma's as they had plans to go to another family members to have thanksgiving lunch and then go shopping afterwards.
I'm wrapping up my day watching the Ole Miss vs Mississippi State game with Boo Boo!
I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving because we have a lot to be thankful for in this country especially if your reading this heck some of you maybe reading this in another country so we all have a lot to be thankful for that can write these blogs and read them as well.
Yall have a nice evening and Battleship Marine will be "Open" tomorrow!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

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