Friday, November 29, 2013

Journal Entry 112913-A: Chillin on the Couch!

Annabelle "Boo Boo" Wooley just chillin on the couch after a long day at work!
Gotta get ready for Saturday cause daddy's gonna be hyper as hell all day because with Alabama playing Auburn to decide who plays in the SEC Championship he'll be hard to keep up with at my age!
I'm getting to old for his hyper-active self.
My favorite time of the day is sleeping on my daddy's pillow behind his head at night and getting up and going to the Pier and McDonald's afterwards for a couple of biscuits before we open the store.
I really enjoy when we go to the pier cause I get to ride perched on his leg so I can look out the window at all the cars and people but I really love just to ride but I'm getting old so I have to lay on the seat next to him and rest.
It's so much fun just going to the park and meeting some new dogs!
I don't feel like walking out on the pier to the end anymore and daddy can't carry me too the end and back without hurting in his back and legs.
I don't know why he doesnt go to the doctor and get his back and legs fixed for me so he can carry me?
I like getting out and seeing my nieces and nephews but sometimes they get on my nerves so daddy has to put me in the Tahoe.
I guess I understand.
I love it when customers come in the store- when I was younger when daddy was a builder I used to love it!
I had the whole model home to myself then I could sleep in daddy's roll-away so he had to take me to the jobs with him.
He would most of the time.
I get as excited as he does about exploring the back yard.
Well I'm gonna lay here and wait on daddy to have supper so we can go to bed and he can holler Roll Tide all day before the game.
I guess he's gonna leave me at home while he goes over to Lee's to see the game.
I love to bark my head off during the games when he hollers Roll Tide but I understand.
He'll leave the tv on for me.
I'll be glad when spring comes and we can go put out some flyers at the launching ramp and I can holler my head off when he gets out of the truck at the launching ramps!
I try to get on his nerves!
My back should be feeling better by then if he will take me to see Stephanie my doctor!
Annabelle "Boo Boo" Wooley

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