Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Journal Entry 120313-A: I had a great November but Thankyou for keeping my Father in your thoughts and prayers!


Thankyou for helping Battleship Marine to a 15% Increase in Sales in November 2013 over the same period- November 2012!

I assure you I appreciate your business and friendship very much and the increase could not have been possible without you stopping in and doing business with me.

You could have gone to Wal-mart a chain store or shopped the internet but you didnt and for that I am extremely grateful.

It took me a couple of days to get this post out as I have had a family emergency.

My father is in the hospital in Foley with pneumonia and has been since Sunday afternoon.

I have been staying with my mother in Lillian at night.

Thank you for keeping my father and mother both in your prayers and thoughts during this very trying time!

My mother's birthday was Sunday and she and my dad both are 76 and have been married since they were 16!

My mother has health problems and is in a wheel chair from arthritis and she misses my dad very much while he is in the hospital.

I will hopefully be open regular hours here at Battleship Marine on Wednesday as the situation allows.

Thank you again not only your business but your friendship, thoughts and prayers!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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