Friday, January 10, 2014

Journal Entry 011014-A: An afternoon walk at the Pier!

For God Sakes!
Boo Boo and I decided to take an afternoon walk at the Fairhope, Alabama Park and Pier this friday in January.
For Christ Sakes Sakes I don't what else to say!
I guess the boring stuff that we got this and that done today and oh yeah we finished up the filing last night.
Danielle called this morning before my bank statement arrived to give me the numbers for the sales taxes for the 4th quarter of 2013!
Those payments aren't due til the 20th but if you own a small business you know how much I appreciated that phone call from Advantage Business Solutions because I in fact over-estimate in my budget the exact figure on that and all my expenses which keeps me in the red further than I actually am for God Sakes and under-estimate my monthly receipts for Christ Sakes which may do me in one day to be perfectly honest but what the hell!
That's why I have a psychiatrist now and hopefully I can keep the heart doctor away as long as possible with his blood thinners if I can get out and get some excercise at the Pier!
For God Sakes its supposed to rain again this weekend but I honestly hope its a quick moving front this time in stead of one those polar vortex's nobody my age has ever heard of for Christ Sake!
You know? We used to get snow here in the Mobile Bay Area at least every third year!
That is the only thing that made the God forsaken time between New Years and the Spring worth a damn to look forward too except Mardi-Gras and Valentine's Day if the weather is decent for Mardi-Gras and if you have someone special in your life who cares what the weather is like on Valentine's Day for God Sakes!
Anyway I'm supposed to be angry here so bear with me for Christ Sakes!
Well I can't really find anything else to be angry about that I want to share with yall so I'm going to eat some lunch and check back with me later- maybe I'll be mad as hell for Christ Sake!
Well I've been mad since I was born.
That's why I like Pink Floyd so much!
What a coincidence? I wish I had known earlier in life I was mad and I wish you were here!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

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