Friday, January 24, 2014

Journal Entry 012413-A: Snow and Sleet in Fairhope Alabama!


Boo Boo and I went to bed after supper last watching WALA Fox 10 reporting the possibility that we might have a little wintry mix in our area this morning!

Jason Smith even had some video from Hattiesburg, Mississippi that was sent in by students at The University of Southern Mississippi that showed what appeared to be very heavy snow falling but I still didnt beleive we would get any here in Fairhope, Alabama for God Sakes!

I guess I'll admit my transgression for yesterday evening while I'm writing this post.

I was selfish last night and didnt give Boo Boo any fish so I went to bed ashamed and reluctant that we would have any winter weather.

For Christ Sakes does anybody really care?


I got up this morning like I really wanted too and drug myself to the Pier.

Well if not for not for Boo Boo who knows if I would have gone to the Pier?


We got there and Christ there was a boat out there thank God!

If he needs anything there should be quite a fight over his or her parts and accessories for God Sakes!


It read thirty something on my Tahoe's Temperature guage and it was dark to the west.

I messaged my kids in Daphne and shonuff it was Sleeting and Snowing up there for God Sakes!

We drove back to Battleship Marine and by then it was Sleeting!

Long story short we drove north on 181 and saw a Snowflake or two!

That was our storm-chasing trip to Daphne, Alabama!

I hope you got snowed in where-ever you live!

I'm open here at Battleship Marine if you or that person(s) on that boat needs anything for Christ Sake!

Lord am I ready for March?

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge- what little I have left!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

P.S.- Best photo I could get!

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