Sunday, February 2, 2014

Journal Entry 020214-A: Battleship Marine will be Closed Monday February 3rd!

First let me say I will be closed Monday February 3rd here at the Retail Store Battleship Marine!
It may sound silly to some and hopefully to all that read this post but I got my first flyer out this morning for the 2014 Boating Season!
Hell I just wanted to make note of it yall for Christ Sake.
I need to make my friends and customers aware of the fact that I have a ton if running in the morning and a family obligation that I must be involved in tomorrow afternoon that will require that the retail here at Battleship Marine be closed on Monday February 3rd 2014!
Please visit my store on Tuesday February 4th 2014 if you want or need anything for your Boat!
I hope you get an opportunity to browse my "advertising" page for information on Local Businesses, Services or items you may be interested in or want or need!
Yall have a great Sunday!
I hope you find the photos I took this morning as beautiful as I thought they are- the fog below downtown Mobile's skyline caught my eye!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

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