Saturday, February 1, 2014

Journal Entry 020114-C: Sanctuary!

I just got back from "Sanctuary" with my dog "Boo Boo"!
First let me say "I saw a black Lamborghini headed east on County Road 48 with a tag that read 20ROK!"
Pretty Cool!!! I was turning into Wal-Mart!
I wonder who that belongs too? I wish I knew- it would be cool to know anyway but back to Sanctuary. 
I wanted to get down  there one more time before it rained and from the looks of it a lot of you think of it as a Sanctuary as well!
I hope you like the picture and I hope you were one of the people that got on the water and everything went well for you today!
I know things break on your boat but the idea is to get out there and find something you want and not have to have!
So if you need anything please keep Battleship Marine in mind- I'd love to have your business!
Please visit my advertising page for local businesses,  services or items you might want to have if you need or want them damn-it!
Well they say I'm mean so I have keep up the persona but I'm not all that mean once you get to know me for God Sakes!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

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