Thursday, March 6, 2014

Journal Entry 030614-A: The Ukrainian Navy Trapped?

President Putin of Russia has effectively from what I can gather from CNN trapped the Ukrainian Navy in port by sinking a ship across the channel!
What a damn shame!
The Ukrainian Navy has a formidable surface force and at least one submarine. Now that force or a sizable number of the ships of the Ukrainian Navy and are "sitting ducks"!
Any military action by the Ukraine against the Russian aggressors could result in the destruction of the entire Ukrainian Navy or a sizeable number of the ships by air-power without their having any chance of leaving port!
Friends? If I were the Admiral of the Ukrainian Navy those ships would have been put to Sea and kept a distance from the Russian Navy or possibly oh hell I would have engaged SOB's!
Day One!! That's the bottom-line.
The Admiral in charge should have at the very least gotten his Navy out of Port and to a NATO base.
Russia now owns the Ukrainian Navy again unfortunately.
Crimea has a nice Navy now but the Ukraine has NO damn Navy and they didn't even get the opportunity to fire a shot.
What a shame. Putin is putting a whipping on all that oppose him right now! 
Certain Death you might say to take on the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy?
Certain Death for Freedom I say!!!!
I would watch out in Belarus, Lithuania and Moldova not to mention Estonia!
I hope yall don't have anything Putin wants! If so send him a Peace Offering of Gold cause we sure aren't going to stop him and may I be so bold to note?
It wouldn't matter who the President of the United States might be other than John McCain, John F. Kennedy, Harry S. Truman or possibly William J. Clinton- I doubt very seriously anyone other than one of those men listed in modern times would have the "Guts" to stop Putin now militarily.

To my friends in the Ukraine's Credit their forces did arrest the leader of a Pro-Russian group Today!
President Obama please don't leave this job to the next President!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley
P.S.- I guess the post on the Ukraine tomorrow will be that their Air-Force has been confiscated for Christ Sakes!
I have provided a link on Ukrainian Navy. The Air-force link is provided as well. I'm too disgusted to think what tomorrows post might be yall so the Air-Force Link is provided.

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