Saturday, July 26, 2014

Journal Entry 072614-A: I understand we drove out of Tripoli Last Night!

I understand we made a hasty retreat from our Embassy in Tripoli, Libya!
150 Personnel were escorted out of the country to the West with Air Cover and Naval Support by the God damned United States of America's Military with NO notification given to the Government in Libya!
I would assume that George S. Patton would roll over in his God Damned Grave not to mention every Marine that's ever lived!!!
I put some links above to remind everyone that if we have to drive out of God damned Afghanistan under the same conditions it might take the whole God Damned Fleet and Air-Force to get out of there Alive- Because it has happened before my friends!
To the English and their Corporate Partners at the time! The West Indian Company.
To my Ukrainian Friends- Yall don't have a God Damned chance on Hell of holding anything East of the Dnieper's River so fight to the God Damned Death cause the Russians lost to the God Damned Afghan "City States"!
Let's be friends with the Pakistanis so we can drive the hell out of Afghanistan while OUR God damned drones are hopefully still superior to the Enemies which number many for God Sakes!
Thank God Baghdad is a little closer to the Persian Gulf!
On second thought don't count on that Persian Gulf being open at the "Strait of Hormuz"!
One oil-tanker sunk in the right place is a disaster waiting to happen!
Hate me if you want to but I'm a Social Liberal so "Let the Children in here and give them a home"!
80% of them have Family in The United States of America to my knowledge any damn way!
Hell we let a lot worse in the Country now don't we?
Who knows maybe they will help defend the God Damned place if we treat 'em right or become doctor's!
God Bless this damn place! We need to quit bickering among ourselves before the whole God Damned place falls apart!
To my Ukrainian friends- Beat the God Damned Russians because they have been treating us like shit for 200 plus years!
Ask John Paul Jones family or look it up on Wikipedia.
Wikipedia? For God Sakes block anyone that wants to re-write history from your Encyclopedia!
Israel? I don't what to tell yall. Except be vigilant and ready for the next Hamas Attack! Hell yall know what to do. Just don't kill the Women and Children for god Sakes- they are grow up to hate you just like the women and children we deport!
The Christian Right "I mean the extreme right" says we have a moral problem!
I say "Make Love not War"!
I saw that sign being held up on an over pass in the Netherland's.
You know the place where drugs are legal!
You can't even ask for the God Damned Legal Drugs in most of this country that you know will help you without some do-gooder screwing that up!
"We need all the children we can have in this country by what-ever means necessary"!
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley
P.S.- "It's our Government stupid" that should be the slogan in the Next Presidential Election because that is when we have the chance to "vote" all of the "do-nothings" out before after some of us are dead! We don't want our children hit by "Weapons of Mass Destruction" by God Damned Drones that we designed!

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