Thursday, August 21, 2014

Journal Entry 082114-A: Crystobal- Will it become a Hurricane and where will it go?

Friend's and Customer's,
Cristobal will in my opinion be a Category II Hurricane that will most likely be a "Western Gulf of Mexico" Hurricane!
There is a possibility that Cristobal when it has become a named storm will be picked up by a trough off the East Coast of The United States.
Presently there is a North-South Ridge of High Pressure over the South-East that if it remains in place in my opinion will steer Cristobal West there again unless it is picked up by a trough and associated front!
There seems to be less dry air ahead of the possible storm than in previous days and less upper level shear in the Caribbean.
Friend's with those thoughts in mind listed below are my predictions:
Hurricane in 72 Hours: 90% Chance.
Western Gulf hurricane: 60% Chance.
East Coast Bermuda Storm: 40% Chance.
Category II Status: 75% Chance.
Please note these are all guesses and I expect to wrong! I certainly have in the past but it may warrant your monitoring of this storm regardless of your location as it develops as it has quite a large circulation particularly if you animate the visible satellite during the time the Sun is overhead!
I have included links to the National Hurricane Center for your convenience.
God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

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