Saturday, November 22, 2014

Journal Entry 112214-A: Silent Protest!

Last night I was target by a small group of people in an off-hand way up close and personal.
One individual(s) even pulled in my driveway with headlights on bright with a yellow light bar across the top of their truck and shined those high beams in my front window.
The living room.
Did I report it?
Hell no.
That's simple friend's- how do you prove off-hand intimidation?
In fact you may have to die before you can prove that your person has been violated that is unless you are independently wealthy.
That I am not although that was my lifelong dream.
To finish friend's.
Sure they intended to intimidate and yes I was and still to this minute I am angry.
Alabama is playing Western Carolina right now and I assure you I would rather be paying close attention to the game so.
I have been targeted in ways that you most likely wouldn't beleive possible in this the United States of America.
I said this would be a quiet protest but my business sign and flag are darkened tonight in humble sorrow that such a situation can exist in anyone's life without any hope of utilizing our legal system to defend ones life, limb and property from such a disgrace as those individuals wrought upon themselves and my personal feelings.
Have you as an Adult been targeted and if you don't my picking your brain to what extent and by whom and for what reason?
No need for comment. I just felt the need to mark the sad occasion in my life.
Has the grapevine become a twisted poisonous opportunity for people to ruin your reputation through deceptive and criminal acts against your person?
Trust me crimes have been committed against my person so I understand if they have to you as well.
Floyd Clifton Wooley

P.S.- Friend's I am still and will be in business here at this location at least I plan to be my friend's.

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