Sunday, January 18, 2015

Journal Entry 011815-A: Cliffs Thought of the Day!

Customers and Friends,

"I can only say this morning. Friends and Customers if I said what I want to say that would be misconstrued."

"If I didnt say anything at all that would be misconstrued."

"So for whatever reason let me just say nothing and move forward because in the scheme of things- it really shouldn't matter anyway."

Have I learned any lessons of late?

"I have but they most likely are not the lessons that someone somewhere on this planet would intend on me to learn-because does it really matter anyway?

There I go again- that last paragraph could have been taken any number of ways so the fact of the matter is this- why say or do a damn thing in this life because someone somewhere is not going to understand the truth.

If their truth isnt your truth then just move forward.

That's gonna get me in trouble but what the hell?

Yall have a nice Sunday.

Battleship Marines additional space is progressing about quickly as I can have it progress all things considered.

There I go again. Lord does it really matter anyway?

That is the question many people must ask themselves for whatever reason on this planet.

That may even get me in trouble but what the hell yall- there I said it.

And with a sigh I finish this post and go about my day.

Did I say "Have a nice Sunday?"

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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