Sunday, January 25, 2015

Journal Entry 012515-B: Fish River!

Customers and Friends,

I just got back from putting out a few flyers and cards at the boat ramps on Fish River and at Big Mouth!

Its a beautiful day to be on the River.

The Bay might be a little choppy but the river sure looked nice for a boat ride.

I stopped by a friends home he has under construction for one of his customers at Dukes Homes on County Road 24 just east of 181!

Hayne that is gonna be a beautiful home my friend.

Stop by Battleship Marine next week- Boo Boo and I will be here if you need boating supplies, boat trailer parts or even a "New" Magic-Tilt Boat Trailer!

Please visit my local advertisers over on letssellsomethin while your on my "websites"!

Have a safe and enjoyable Sunday!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

P.S- Please stop by the Battleship Marine "website" and visit the "Merchandise Pages" when you can but if you dont see what you need keep in mind I can get most anything you need shipped to the store or drop shipped to your door!

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