Sunday, January 4, 2015

Journal Entry 120414-A: Cliffs thought of the Day!

Customers and Friends,

"Im thinking of hiring someone to sneak in to cut my throat one more time to at least prove to myself that I am still ADHD and maybe just a little down in the dumps for some God Damn reason!"

I started not to cuss cause I watched Ty Penningtons video on the ADHD subject but he doesn't need to cuss- I do!!

By the way you oughta watch his ADHD videos cause in the 70's we got our butt whipped so our conduct grades were pretty decent and you might determine that you cheated all the way through school by scanning in stead of reading the damn story but you cant cheat at that God Damned chalk board when called to diagram a freaking sentence!

That would be a bloody mess cause I still might be quick enough to make em miss!!!

Its Sunday but Battleship Marine will be open Monday!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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