Friday, May 15, 2015

B. B. King - The Thrill Is Gone (Live at Montreux 1993)

Friend's and Customer's,

47 year's ago or so this great man "skipped" up into my dad's nightclub on Battleship Parkway the Bay Breeze washed away by Hurricane Camille in August 1969 in what is now Spanish Fort, Alabama to play a little music!

Mr. B. B. King is now in heaven at the age of 89 and I'm sitting here imagining him "skipping" up into that club my dad owned at the age of 42!

My God and Christ the Son my dad was about 31 at the time and I was I about 2!

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

P.S.- I plan on seeing B. B. and SRV and a host of others when I get to that Heaven place!!! LOL! In between my rowing boats job for goodness sakes!


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