Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Journal Entry 051915-A: Thanks to Elberta Hardware!

Friend's and Customer's,

"I am cooking with fire now!"

Elberta Hardware brought the Wooley family John Deere 710 home on Monday and I took her for a little spin tonight!

She and I squared up a section of grass cause I just couldn't help myself any longer and she was so prettied up well she got her first bath since arriving home from Elberta Hardware!

"I am cooking with fire now yall cause I might just cut some grass between selling marine supplies looking for that 4th wife and boating!"

Thank you Elberta Hardware!

Floyd Clifton Wooley
Battleship Marine!

P.S.- I aint quite figured out how im gonna accomplish all that quite yet so please stay tuned! All I need is one more tail-light on the Wooley family utility trailer and I guess a weed eater but let's stick to Marine Supplies for a little while longer.

I got a named picked out but I aint sharing it- for my lawncare business and my 4th wife maybe not in that folks!

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