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I am a 49 year-old divorced father of three adult children with six grand-children and one on the way!
I have a York-Shire Terrier. Her name is Boo Boo actually Annabelle but I forgot her name as a puppy and at the time I was a home-builder and just started calling her "Boo Boo"! LOL!

Well my Daughter was Boo for some reason I forget now so Boo Boo for Annabelle worked out about right except now when my daughter isn't around I call Boo Boo "Allie" sometimes so that just makes me think I'm more insane!
I Love to work- the water, boats, football, basketball and I used to Jog but I don't now!

I'd rather not go into the reasons that I don't jog cause it hurts too bad!

I Love the Alabama Crimson Tide and The University of South Alabama. I love them damn Jaguars out at South Alabama! I have every since my dad took me to see them play basketball in a sold out Mobile Civic Center with Cliff Ellis as Coach! 10,000 Screaming Jaguar Fans!

Paul William "The Bear" Bryant will always be my hero although I love how Coach Saban works his Ass off to win for The University of Alabama!

My Basketball Hero's? Cliff Ellis and Bobby Knight as Coach's and Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and damn-it although I think he is misunderstood Dennis Rodman!
I was born on April 14,1966 so if you don't mind me saying so "I kinda feel out of place in the 21st Century!

That's a hell of a note cause in the 70's and 80's I thought this damn Century would be great!

Now my favorite movies are Dancing with Wolves and Legend's of the Fall.

I still like Science Fiction but my dreams of men walking on Mars in my life-time while I am still coherent enough to enjoy are fading fast to be perfectly honest! That's was supposed to be an off-hand Joke that's why Anthony Bourdain and George Carlin!

I like Gene Simmons too but didn't his Sweet-Heart stay with him?

I admire the hell out of Ty Pennington but for Christ Sakes I am NOT ADHD!

Okay I am ADHD and so far it sure as hell hasn't been a gift more like a curse.
I have a retail store in Fairhope, Alabama called Battleship Marine and if you get a chance stop by and see me and Annabelle "Boo Boo" Wooley.

I was married 20 plus years to a wonderful woman and one before that too but we'll leave that alone too so maybe the third woman in my life will be the charm!

I think I am NOW an extinct Old-Fashioned Democrat because I'm fiscally conservative proud of my Southern Non-Slave holding Heritage and slightly on the Liberal Side Socially!

I feel we should have the biggest damn military on the Planet and NOT use it- just sail the Seven Sea's with it and have the Best Damn Space Program on the Planet!

That's only one of the Reason's John F. Kennedy is my hero!

Franklin Rosevelt is another hero of mine as is Winston Churchill not to leave out Margaret Thatcher! I remember the "Faulk-Land's" war Yall- those English when stirred up can whip anybody even if they have to commandeer the Queen Mary!

My Political Hero's start with Bill Clinton and John McCain both of them are number one in my book!

I love other stuff too besides sports!
Thank you!
Floyd Clifton Wooley

I thought I would also post this...

  • I am not and never will be affiliated with any religion or denomination on this Planet. When I die I only hope there is a God and hopefully his Son Jesus waiting for me. In fact I hope it's Jesus since his daddy had him murdered- I just don't buy that do you really? Couldn't all of us miserable human beings be saved some other way my friend's? I don't appreciate that story of Jesus being sent here to be forced by his father to die for us then go back to Heaven after he asked his daddy NOT to let him be murdered and was told "tuff luck" Son. I just don't buy it my friend's. Peace and Love! 

  • P.S.- Although most likely considered an infidel by most that would have read this - my favorite person in the damn Bible is Solomon! Always has been- always will be my friend's. At least you know for sure he was a man that loved and respected women- bottom-line. I personally think after what Solomon endured on this miserable planet that he is happy to be dead and either in Heaven with the Angel's or Dead just laying there Dead and in the ground peaceful somewhere. Unfortunately when I die I most likely won't get to come back from the dead or Heaven to tell you about it so I will see you when you get there my friend's! Again, Peace and Love!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I guess things can calm down in the day in the life without the People in our lives that cry wolf so much we might get ......


I guess things can calm down in the day in the life without the People in our lives that cry wolf so much we might get ......eat alive by an imaginary wolf which actually we most likely won't I think would be the prevailing consensous in the long run if we can hold it together in the early stages of what would have to be called the most ridiculous damn scam ever played out for the whole world to have to witness.

I may not play the game to look like i'm doing something right but I am and when I'm working and not scatter brained by a miserable attempt to erase any trace of success I have had in my life that never had to happen becuase I am not what at least I am told on a daily basis and if I get a little down over it I'd ask that you that see me don't show me pitty because life will get worse I guess naturally but to listen to what I listen to in private is enough to mkae the best of us want to be sick which is exactly why I got screwed up in the first place and it was over a simple cough syrup and I will preach until I can't preach as long As I'm preached a blue streak about why I should stop this and why I was wrong and why someone else is right because they can excerercise the enrgy they have off well I would too if not so mentally drained which I knew 15 years ago too!

That mentally drainging your energy in the morning was the worst thing in the world for an ADHD person or at least in my case!

I start my day on a plan to have a level ascent into the frenzy of the day so that I can better do my job and I never nor would anyone I have ever been associated with including my mother or my father would race off to work with their adrenaline so elevated they couldn't breathe!

You never are your best once that adrenaline rush lowers unless you let it lower in a long cooling down period say after a jog!

That is why I jogged at night because it helped me sleep like a baby! Not to mention got me into the shape I wanted to be in to hopefully be seen as a decent prospect for a blonde like Susan Summers!

No it wasn't Bo Derek that I thought was intelligent and the most beautiful although she was both I was in love with Crissy because a ditzy blond is smart as a tack!

My ex-wife was a real high energy blonde that would wear you out just trying to keep up with her especially after I had to walk to her house a couple of times because me and my ADHD but anti-ADHD friend couldn't put our minds together and agree on how to fix one of our cars first without an argument and then we got it together right before it got too cold or to late to buy parts or something like that!

Not to mention I worked from can til can't and still want too but no oh hell no I'm too old and dumb too do what I used to do well owl malarchy! If i'm tired it's from trying to be defiant on something you don't want to have to be defiant on because you have better things to do because you know you have to get some sleep so you can have another great successful day like the last!

Yeah that is the truth and all of us ADHD people wish we weren't because the flack gets thicker as we get older but we still push forward even if you think we are laying on couch depressed or something!

It is tiring as hell to have to fight your ADHD tendencies on the medication that reminds us of it and I know because I used to teast myself but now I'm tired to the point I'm just trying to keep the real lie from being that I was wrong about my own diagnosis that I forgot about a few times and just enough to not walk a few doors down to the doctors office because I was brought up to think the docotors were the devil!

They aren't and if anybvody's the devil we might be because we are the know it alls that have to learn somewhere in life to trust somebody but they have to be like us and have some data that comes from somewhere that is prestigious enough to overcome the data that comes from the other side that kills us faster than our own energetic lives!

I see you out trying to walk and when you can't walk you get the fatest scooter the law will allow and I admire your tenacity cause we get so bored in one place we can't stand it! Sitting still in one place that we know is a chore off the meds before we get depressed then we are laying in a state of confusion on some mind slowing anti-depressant trying to figure out how to get over the trauma so we don't just walk around in a stupor looking dumb because we hate that worse than being awake!

Yes Awake! We don't want to miss a thing then we get depressed because someone says we were wrong to be on a medication 24/7 365 and we wind up somewhere between wanting to be asleep and not ever wanting to go to sleep and some body calls us bi-polar and we fall for the mood control medication and that takes more time off our lives!

So hell yes I think kids that are ADHD need help to control their energy or hopefully you have a wide open space they can run free in and we arent all wild we are just likely to have scars from all our adventures!

Everything else that is said about us is a lie other than we have the percentages in our group that fit in with the same one's the rest of the country has and some lift us up and some bring us down!

The other ide of that coin is the extremist on the other side that make the whole planet stop and take notice ADHD, ADD Depressed or not!

I wouldn't go to rehab for a damn thing willingly that I had good enough sense to know would give the wrong impression so here's to you Dr. amen and anyone else that thinks we are addicts well there probably are some of those in your extremly wonderuful group too they just don't know why and the certainly don't want to go to the doctor and let down there other group members so they wind up like me or jimmy Swaggert having to explain our love for someone or a trait that makes us feel good about human beings.

He may not but he may to a man have a different opinion except he let his family, wife and church down but maybe there was another way and i'm sure he is smart enough and has enough love in his life to handle it on his own which it surely appears has happened so love your fellow man or woman and if you don't care for what I said I would understand because the english language is full of traps!

It's bad enough we are human to start with and great at the same time so when God made us hin his image i'm sure he has a heart that is surely obvious in the fact he sent us his only begotten son that so who may beleive in him and accept he his son as their savior would have ever lasting life! Now did he say we would get along with everyone? No. He just tried to lay out a plan that would help us defiant humans to get along until the rest of the plan comes together! don't you feel the same way?

If we all didn't have to deal with that we'd have to deal with this and for god's sakes after reading the domestic calls in the paper I think everyone ought to be on Adderall!

It sure beats the hell out of anything else except another stimulant that might work better than it on us individually because we are different and no it isn't a stimulant to us all but that doesn't mean we slow to a crawl!

We slow to a crawl from being tired of being tired from being told in a low decibel way to go the opposite way from the one we want to go because we might just be heading in the right direction!

You go to rehab to fix something physical or that to stop something that is detrimental to your life not to run from detrimental people then you are just being put away to keep you safe or to save somebody else!

That as much sense as putting all the non-murders in jail and letting the murders out! Well at least us ADHD folks could deal with those kind of people because we have a way of seeing something in people even if it is just a glimpse as we run about our days! We just want to be normal and have a little fun not be put in situations that make us look like we are not just angry but mad as hell and we arent' going to take it anymore becuase for some reason that is taboo!

You know why becuase if you don't stand for osmething you'll fall for anything and the last thing we need is our whole fmaily brainwashed by some mis-informed or rumor led group!

I have just begun to fight and it may take from now til I die but i have some things to prove if I don't have anyone else use a heavy hand on me like I'm a danger because that just traumatizes a real person that has any feelings about another person can take it off just as fast as they apply the pressure other wise they kinda need to have some public relations training and i'm not talking about getting together and having a fist fight which used to not mean neccssarily someone had to die! Now it can and sure it could then but hell now if you protest anything you better be aware of the fact you might get pummeled! At least by someone and for anything and you are supposed to laugh it off no matter how many times a day it occurs?

I'd take my chances just about anywhere I thought I could be around like mined people which is in public! Otherwise why sit and plan to do anything and try to get it right first?

To have someone to meet in public that isn't mad at you for doing a bad job because you didn't learn to do what we do most of lives anyway right to begin with as close as possible to right since we are humans!

Perfection is another difficult one to get past if that is what you want but are worn to a frazzle and left with no one to spend your time preparing to get out in the world on the right foot with but some of the most negative people I ever met till they do their damn job on you!

Well they have and they haven't because until I go to work wanting to and admit it you do too! Why? Because you already know that is where you are known the best and by the most people! I can't speak for anyone else because they hate my guts!

Not only will I not sit down and not do anything for long enough to satisfy anyone except a customer if i could get the white monkey's off my back because no offense but the red one's are the one's most folks feel are there problem if they beleive they are an addict. If not it's the on'e that think they are lilly white or whatever color a lazy person wants an energetic person to be to prove whatever the heck is they want ot prove that I can't stand and I know what I can't stand. In fact I figure out who don't like me pretty quick so please when we joke let's give each other a hug first or just look miserable at me and I'll have you pegged and you me!

Hopefully we all wil drive even a scooter as long as god will allow and if we get lost come find us and don't holler at us cause we just wanted to get out and take a ride! I'm not there yet and I hope never but I'm just saying!

People, Freinds, you are my freinds regardless of what I may say and if I get put away for saying everyone is my friend then so damn be-it. I may just not agree with you but I respect your right to beleive what you want too even if I'm not given that same regard and hell I might as well name names and get executed by somebody! I wish the suspense was still there and this was a joke Well Good god I might as well buy a damn a bottle and really give myself some problems to deal with under enough crap that I'm gonna talk myself into the nut house instead of just leaving but that means something I can't damn allow anyone to ever think because that would be a lie so thanks for the help and you can't blame a therapist on this cause I'd hate to burden them by telling any specifics about how miniscule this should be. Good night.

God bless, peace, love and knowledge!

-Floyd C. Wooley

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