Thursday, January 24, 2013

Journal Entry 012413-A: Wal-Mart did a Damn fine Job!

I still hate computers as noted in the previous post cause i'm computer illterate. As far as I know the damn computer may be able to see right through you without your even knowing it!
Back to the point.
Wal-Mart did a damn fine job on my glasses and contacts- I'm just so blind it's hard going from contacts to glasses and back and so-forth.
I got tired of wearing reading glasses to see the television and drive and all that.
Let me get Boo Boo in case someone wants to stop by and browse the store and maybe buy somethin from my stupid self blogs and well thats all I really have to say for now but please feel free to browse my other blogs and stop by and see me and Boo Boo Battleship Marine maybe we can help you find something for your Boat, Boat Motor or Trailer or have some else in the Store you might be interested in having.
Thank you!
Floyd Clifton Wooley
*Note: I almost kinda finished watching "Message In A Bottle" last night on AMC(?) I'm kinda old-fashioned like that movie. I guess. I'm glad Kevin Costner didn't have a computer or read the news-paper. I wonder how it all turned out for him and Catherine not mention her son or his father and his in-laws back on the Cape? 

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