Monday, April 1, 2013

Journal Entry 040113-A: Happy April Fool's Day!


Happy Fool's Day! Here sits the biggest Fool of them all! Ain't I pretty?

I hope ya ll have a great day.

I hope they put on my grave: Here Lie's the Fool that was ADHD and Had a Type A Personality that had the best year's of his life robbed by some do-gooder's that fully re-habbed him to death and talked him to death over a 21st Century "monitoring system" "implanted" somewhere in his ear's and an old-fashioned 'Inter-com" system til he hurt so bad he cussed 'em out every day as he awoke to another day in pain being "Talked to Damn" death wishing first at daylight when his eye's opened he had died the night before!

The only thing keeping me alive is a Zoloft and a Tramadol I reach for as soon as I possibly can to keep me from wanting to kill myself thanks to what I described above whether it makes sense to anyone on this planet or not. i'm sorry if you haven't heard of this hell yet I certainly am not trying to offend you by telling you about what has been done to me because I want your business and friendship regardless until you unfortunately learn the "saddest" truth of the 21st century. Then we will be friend's anyway especially if you have experienced being "tortured" with this "system".

It robs you of the best year's of your life.

Oh I would like to have on my Grave that I was a "Bama" Fan" til Death.

Roll Tide Roll!

God bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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