Sunday, March 31, 2013

Journal Entry 033113-B: A Short Tribute to Coach Mal Moore.


I simply want to offer my condolences to the Family of Coach Mal Moore upon his untimely death.

I know Coach Moore's family is in Greiving right now but rest assured that millions of Tide Faithful that have so many fond memories of the many year's Coach Moore was at Alabama many of those years prior to the age that I and so many more would be able to remember are in a "state of shock" with you and are greiving as well.

I will keep this post short by just mentioning "three" games I attended when Coach Stalling's was the Head Football Coach at the University of Alabama most noteably the 1993 Sugar Bowl vs Miami in which Jay Barker was just a Freshman but to keep it even shorter pictured above is a game in which a very good friend of mine "Jay Barnett" and I watched a Coach Mal Moore student in Quarterback Jay Barker bring the Tide back on ESPN to beat Eric Zier and the Georgia Bulldogs!

What wonderful memories I have of that night as just one in a list of many.

Coach Moore please if you get the opportunity say hello to "The Bear" and "Pat Trammell" for me if you don't mind Sir.

In closing I would like to say "Roll Tide Roll" forever Coach Moore not to mention his many family and friend's!

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge on this Easter Sunday Afternoon.

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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