Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Journal Entry 041613-A: How can I say how I feel and what I beleive in?


I am on Disability.

I have since birth wanted to have a family and be somebody.

That simply meant being the best I could be at what-ever I did in Life.

I didn't know I was born ADHD.

I simply was born that way. Lord have I been "tortured" for that simple truth.

I have always wanted to leave my family a business of some type (like it or not) and a "life insurance policy (like it or not.

"I" want to leave something for my children not my mother and father's belongings and assets not live off a gifted child or win the lottery I simply want to have something to pass on after my funeral besides what-nots or memories.

My father tried to explain his desire to leave me something when I was about 15 and I would have none of that talk.

Now I simply understand his "frustration" that day on I-10 in Mobile, Alabama as we entered the "tunnel". I simply understand.

I had a business that was my dreamed and I was duped out of it and onto disability then "tortured" relentlessly til I am physically and psychologically a wreck yet with enough meds I want to full fil my life-long plan.

Please teach your children early on that when we as parents wish to pass on something to them we damn well mean it- regardless of what anyone does to us until we die.

They should get their education and if ADD or ADHD they should be damn careful that they never let anyone "dupe" them out of their dreams just as we as parent's have dreams.

God Bless the "disabled" but we want to work at the profession of our choice to give those children what we have planned.

Forgive me I had a walk-in and had to stoo for a moment.

I appreciate you stopping by very much.

I have an appointment Monday with Social Security and I'm sure they will treat me fair.

How-ever I will worry about that appointment until Monday and possibly after-ward as I try to build this business and hope you and I have the opportunity to meet at some point in the future.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I took this morning at the pier and please pray for our country as we move into an age never before seen in the history of mankind where possibly good technology is used as a weapon against us to destroy our lives and prevent us from seeing our dreams become reality but please as you learn of this technology protest it peacefully.

God Bless, Peace, Love and Knowledge!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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