Sunday, October 13, 2013

Journal Entry 101312-B: Sunday hasn't been too bad!


Sunday hasn't been too bad to this point in the day!

I got up this morning in a pretty decent mood!

Well I just did. Do I have to explain why?

Roll Tide Roll!

I got up had some coffee grabbed the flyers I made yesterday and ran out the door.

I drove down to Honey Road put out some flyers and walked out on the dock and just took a deep breath and looked out at the beauty of Fish River first thing in the morning.

I took and wrote a little post but as of yet haven't been able to get it too upload.

None-the-less I got back in the Tahoe and drove on down to Fish River Bridge on 98 and put out some more flyers- Annabelle "Boo Boo" Wooley screaming her little head off the whole time!

Bless her dang heart!

I talked to a conservation officer about Red-Fish bag limits and he told me 16" to 26" with a three fish limit.

Now you can keep one over 26" but not four fish!

Please don't come back to the dock with four fish.

I know. It kinda puts you on the spot if in some way, shape or form but let that little fish go alive please!

I left their and rode on down to Big Mouth and from their up to the landing mid-way between Big-Mouth and Pier street then on to Pier Street.

Yes I let Boo out for a walk at the middle landing "what-ever" you call it.

After Pier Street we went to the Pier and Boo talk a walk.

I stopped at Bayshores Market and as I was getting out of the truck and she was screaming a "plumbing contractor" said "I have a Yorkie too and she like to drive my truck"!

I Laughed and walked on in got some Tobbacco and a newspaper and dropped her at the house.

I drove up to my daughters and talked with her a few minutes and was happy to hear she and her mom are going to see Pink in Birmingham.

Thanks to Allie's husband Brian.

I was a little queasy so I left and went to MacDonald's in Daphne and headed on over to the Causeway.

I stopped at Scott's, the middle ramps and the Tensaw ramp as well as the Battleship Ramp.

I had some pain by the time I got to the middle ramp so I took a pill.
No big deal an everyday thing.

I ended my flyer trip at my friends Danny and Shirley's place or Shirley's before heading to my Son Lee's house.

I stopped to see Lee, Lindsey, Lauren, Ethan and Bella and headed on back toward home.

I washed my truck.

I stopped at Pier Street Landing once more and drove on home.

I'm waiting on my dad now while watching the Saints vs Patriots.

Have a nice evening and week and if you get a chance browse my blogs, pages at Battlship Marine and the advertisements on Letssellsomethin for local businesses and and please stop by and see me next week if you get a chance!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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