Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Journal Entry 110613-A: Highway 181 Road Project Fairhope!


The State of Alabama Department of Transportation is in the beginning stages of a Highway 181 Widening Project in Fairhope, Alabama!

I'm sure many of you that travel Highway 181 through Fairhope, Alabama each day have noticed the signs that have been placed on the north and south ends of the area the project is to be under-taken.

I stopped this morning just north of County Road 30 and the intersection of Highway 181 and spoke with a engineer for the State Department of Transportation.

He stated that a turn lane or middle lane would be constructed from near the intersection of County Road 30 and Highway 181 south through the intersection of County Road 48 and Highway 181 south to just south of the entrance to the Quail Creek Subdivision.

The entrance to Quail Creek is just a few hundred yards north of my location here at Battleship Marine.

I'm sure other infrastruture aspects of the project are included and in fact the utility companies are just beginning work on that aspect of preparations for the Highway widening project.

No completion date was given.

It was noted that it would be quite some-time before the widening project would be completed all the way from where the five-lane ends to the North of Highway 104 on Highway 181 South to Highway 98!

I think as residents of the Highway 181 Area we had all hoped the project to widen Highway 181 to five lanes from I-10 south to highway 98 would have started by now if not be complete!

It looks like we all will have to wait some-time for that project to be completed.

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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