Sunday, November 10, 2013

Journal Entry 111013-A: Daphne Trojans vs Fairhope Pirates!


Yesterday Morning after leaving the Pier and the launching ramps at Pier Street, South of Point Clear and the mouth of Week's Bay I was fortunate enough to attend my Grand-son Ethan and Grand-daughter Lauren's football game at the ball park at the end of Highway 98 south of Fairhope on Scenic Highway 98!

Issabella, my daughter-in-law Lindsey, son Lee and daughter-in-law's mother Robin Dixon also attended!

Daphne entered the game 5-3 and my friend's from Fairhope I am sorry to say I didn't get an opportunity to find out what your little league football team's record is or was but yall have had some Champions recently as I noticed on the sign inside the park!

I was excited to see Daphne's last game prior to the play-off's it being so close to my location here at Battleship Marine and on my flyer route for the launching ramps I as I said was exstatic when my son called me Friday and let me know that the game was at that particular park!

It was an exciting football game as Daphne held Fairhope scoreless and vise-versa til the closing minutes of the game in fact it was the last few seconds of the game after Daphne having held Fairhope to a third quarter 4th down and long situation near the Daphne gold-line after a penalty of some sort was called that put Fairhope in the 4th and long situation.

Heck I didn't get there til half-time and was busy eating a pretty darn good Sausage Biscuit and a hamburger that was cooked up at the concession stand their at the ball-park.

By the time Daphne got the ball late in the fourth quarter and I began to try to pay attention to the game Daphne was driving the lenght of the field and after an amazing pass and catch by the Daphne Receiver with him turned around backward's and landing on the ground with the ball in his hands time was running out and the drive was still alive!

I had already asked my son - Lee if the game would go into over-time and of course he said yes but Daphne drove it on down the field and scored a touch-down up the middle to take a 6-0 lead!

The two-point conversion failed and I think Fairhope had an opportunity but time expired and the Daphne Trojans had won the game!

Heck I was already hyped-up over the Alabama game to be played later in the day in Tuscaloosa against LSU but it was mighty dad-gum exciting to see the team Ethan is on drive down and score that late touchdown to win that game!

My friend's from Fairhope I hope you don't mind my reveling in Daphne's victory as they now stand at 6-3 on the season and I am so proud of my grand-children including Issabella for getting out and enjoying some fun at the ball-park!

Ethan wears number 42 and plays on the defensive line. I didn't get a chance to play in a game when I was his age because I couldn't get down to the weight limit. I practiced at Trimmier Park during the week but had to sit on the bench during the games and that certainly was no fun my friend's.

Who wants to take epsom salt to get down to a weight limit? I didn't begin losing weight until high-school when I began jogging on a daily basis but that is a completely different story and there was a different reason for my decision to start jogging as well but there again that is another story. I sure enjoyed jogging and becoming pretty fast but not as fast I once thought and certainly not that fast now for good-ness sakes!

Daphne moves on to 6-3 and I'm sorry to say that I don't know what the Fairhope teams record is as I had to leave right after the game.

I sure was excited though and although I'm sorry I wasn't here to open again on time I assure you next week I will be even if I put out the flyer's for Battleship Marine!

I haven't heard where the play-off game is to be played well the first one but I think I had better be here at the store unless the game is mighty to close to us!

My grand-son's team won. Alabama won and Auburn won so there should be some pretty exciting football played over the next few weeks my friend's and I hope to possibly get out there with you and try to catch a fish this month if the weather allows and time allows me to do so!

Have a nice Sunday Evening and I hope to see you soon!

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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