Sunday, November 3, 2013

Journal Entry 110313-A: Bayfront Park!

Boo Boo and I decided to go for another ride today.
Well we got up this morning early and went down to the Fairhope Park, Bayshores Market and Wal-mart not to mention McDonald's for a couple of sausage biscuits.
We came home and put up the groceries and had breakfast and after that decided we would just take a ride.
To be honest I wanted to go out last night and even though I had made the decision to stay home and not go out after getting all dressed up well I woke up this morning and found myself a little down in the dumps about not going out.
I have to get over that some how.
It has become a habit.
I decided to take Boo Boo for a ride!
I wasn't sure where we were going to go so we rode up to Bayfront Park in Daphne and took a walk.
It sure helped both of our attitudes.
While at the park I took a picture of the gator if you can spot him (or her) in the background. Lol.
Have a nice Sunday afternoon everyone.
Floyd Clifton Wooley

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