Thursday, December 12, 2013

Journal Entry 121213-A: Remembering a day that in my family will live in infamy if you don't mind my using that term.


On December 12, 1985 my father was hit from behind by a crane boom while he was in the operator's seat of a Texhoma 500 Foundation Drilling Machine.

He was almost taken from his family on that rainy December Afternoon all those years ago.

My fathers Company Southern Foundation Drilling Company, Inc was beginning the first stages of Caisson work on the West end of the Cochran-Africatown Bridge in Mobile, Alabama.

I will talk to my father today and I wont mention what he and my mother went through after that day unless he mentions it first.

Although my dad and I may not agree on everything in life we do agree on a lot of topics and I love him very much as I love my mother as well.

I just wanted to mark the occasion or tragedy as it maybe.

Floyd Clifton Wooley

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